This course is divided into modules with video presentations of about 15-20 minutes each.  The presentations will give you a general overview of Dementia Friendly practices as well as specific concerns that may come up for the sector in which your organization operates.  You should follow this path through the training:

  1. Take the Pre-Course Quiz for a baseline knowledge assessment
  2. Watch the Dementia Friendly Business Basics module and answer the pop-up questions
  3. Watch your specific Sector Training module and answer the pop-up questions
  4. Take the Course Completion Quiz to show your proficiency
  5. Download your Course Completion Certificate

You will also have access to additional resources pertaining to your specific environment.  If you would like to learn about additional topics please reach out so we can provide you with more training opportunities!

Dementia Friendly Training is being taught by Colette Jordan, the Caregiver & Dementia Specialist at AgeGuide.  These courses are dementia basics sector trainings and are not intended to be a comprehensive dementia training program as required by some industry requirements.

Skill Level: Beginner